Come Join to Make a Bright Future


Education gives the light which is needed to see the world and interpret its action. It also helps to understand the hidden contradictions that creates nipples and brings about the change around us in our society. It is that powerful weapon that enables a person to defeat his or her enemy.
Keeping this thought in mind our founder principal Late Prof. Swaraj Mukherjee laid the foundation stone of this institute to turn the coal in to diamond. S0, he set the motto as ā€œDiamond is a chunk of coal made good under pressureā€. As he started to put his ideas and efforts together he had to face a lot of odds which was natural to build up such a huge institute like Holy Home. Just like a sapling grows to a sprawling tree, our founder had to take care of Holy Home and all are enjoying the beneļ¬ts of his endeavour.
So. it is our noble duty to carry forward his ideas and accomplish his unfulļ¬lled work which we are relentlessly trying under the able guidance and active participation of our Rector Mrs. Indrani Mukherjee. She is like the captain of the ship and we are the crew members to help her in making the effort successful. She teaches us how to use education as a tool to make a complete human being as Arristotle justly said Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.
Mean while, in our journey we have succumbed to a severe jolt, it was almost a bolt from the blue. On last ]une 11 th we lost one of our beloved and active partner Sri Utsab Mukherjee. His premature passage to the heavenly abode numbed our senses and blurred our sight. It was so unexpected that we could hardly understand how to cope with the situation. But time tells us how to go about with all these because it was our responsibility and duty to resume our work and run the institition. Si. It has become an added duty for us to show our real love to him by making his dreams a successful reality.
In this ever changing world we face challenges of new technology every where. It is the need of the days to keep adopting the newer pedagogical techniques. We too upgrade our system regularly to keep our selves abreast with time. As a process of this we are going to introduce smart class in collaboration with a very efficient company. So that, the students can become a true global citizen. This will ultimately lead them to be successful and happy in life as we know education breeds conļ¬dence, conļ¬dence breeds hope, hope breeds peace-conļ¬cious.
May God bless us always.