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Mode of payment

Parents are welcomed to pay the tuition fees in lump sum or in two six-monthly or in three quarterly or in monthly installments after depositing all the Admission charges.
All fees are payable in advance by the 15" of the month for which they are due.
All school dues for holidays / vacation months should be paid in advance before the school closes.
Parents / Guardians are advised and requested to make sure that all school fees are cleared before the two Terminal Examinations, falling which their ward/wards will not be allowed to write in the Examination.
After 15th each month all fees are to be paid with a fine of Rs.5O/- in the current month, Rs. lOO/- in the second month and Rs. l5O/- in the third month after which the name will he stuck off the School rolls without any notice, in which a readmission charge of Rs. lOOO/- will have to be paid for re-enrollment. Re-admission charges for ICSE /ISC plucked students, if allowed by the authority, is Rs. lOOO/- plus Session & Development charges & School Fees.
Parents have the option for making payment either by A/c payee cheque or by Demand Draft / Pay Order in favour of HOLY HOME payable at Kolkata. In case of outstation cheque Bank charges should be added.
The school reserves the right to increase the fees at any time of the year, if any, increase is considered